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Who Is One Voice Entertainment? Check out this brief video:

ONE VOICE ENTERTAINMENT is a vocal training agency located in Atlanta GA. Unlike most agencies, we place emphasis on not only placement, but the development of soloists and vocal units. 



One Voice does not believe in the “cookie-cutter” approach to vocal coaching. Lesson plans are based on individual Client goals and needs. We offer personal one-on-one instruction at our Atlanta location and coaching via Skype for those outside of the Atlanta area.  

Interested?  Send us an email at onevoiceentertainment@gmail.com.

Great working with the DUBLIN GOSPEL CHOIR for OUTKAST20. Dublin, Ireland

Keisha Jackson Coaching The Dublin Gospel Choir: View Video Here.


Assistant vocal coach for THE HOME DEPOT STARS 2015. Las Vegas, NV

We also conduct private workshops for hire! Pictured: IMHOTEP ACADEMY CHORUS. Atl, GA

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The Agency

ONE VOICE consists of a very diverse group of vocalists, that we like to call “Team Members”. We take pride in selecting only exceptional performers for our team. Our Team Members individually are dynamic vocalists in their own right, but as a unit they are familiar with a variety of music spanning 30+ years of R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Gospel. Group training focuses on vocal tone, articulation, harmony, and vocal blend. In order to maintain quality background performers, Team Members are trained collectively. Standing alone, no two vocalists are alike, but when combined, these unique individual talents blend to form ONE signature sound… hence the name ”ONE VOICE”.

We provide vocalists for all occasions. Our vocalists are consistent, versatile and extremely professional in order that we may proudly present our Clients with quality performers.

Need a vocalist for your upcoming performance, showcase, wedding or special event?  Send us an email: onevoiceentertainment@gmail.com.